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Well that should keep you busy,and just for your information I update this page on a daily basis so please visit as often as you wish.
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4. SOCIAL MEDIA--Social media is the fastest growing sector of (SEO),search engine optimization.
 you will want to sign up and connect the accounts together to maximize your adventure into the world of social media. Check out-- (, here you will find a wealth of information.
WHY ADD THE LITTLE BUTTONS-- They click the like buttons and it creates a backlink on their side and it reflects on your new website. I will get into this further in a day or so, but look into, FACEBOOK, TWITTER,STUMBLEDUPON,LINKEDIN,you will thank your self later down the road.
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  South Texas Trader is family-owned and operated business right here in Lakehills, TX. Since our company opened , we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and they come with a personal touch.  

  This is to assist the do-it-yourself type individual or group that needs a helping hand. A portion of the programs and services on the internet are difficult to follow, and equally confusing. Well, I am here to let you know that you can do this.

  This page is dedicated to the companies that have a solution to your frustrations. Feel free to chime in at any time and post your suggestions, but keep in mind this is for (FREE) or (AFFORDABLE) services only, with that being said, a good portion of the companies listed below offer paid services.

If you contribute, please try to follow these simple guidelines:

1. All contributors posts will be moderated for acceptable language,and relevant content ......

2. All posts will come thru the blog on front page, or e-mailed to

...This is a courtesy to our Supporters...  

Enjoy the road to success with your website with this sneak peek into the world of SEO, Search Engine Optimization

!! Special Thanks To The Anonymous Manta Member !!
Who re-wrote this entire article and edited it, God Bless Manta for their top notch member

 Now It's a Bit Of Reading and a little work but if you will read this entire page you will be successful and please follow the links and buttons below, it's a little of your time but just a fraction of what you would've spent if you were not here.

Google (PDF)
Google Search Engine Optimization (STARTER GUIDE)

Before We Begin Take A Moment And Download This Great Piece Of Information

1.  Have your pages ready,now find the keywords within that page,you can do so at one of the following links I have provided. Also try to keep your HTML to Text Ratio at around 20%,And include your keywords in your articles. Which Should be between 250-500 words in length, great articles bring in your perspective visitors and creates more consistent click through, as CTR is very important.

  2. Now you will need to get out the old pencil and start creating a webpage description with the keywords you have chosen. Make sure, to best of your capability, that this is as accurate as possible. Don't juice it up, as they will catch this, and it will go against your ranking score. Make sure not to exceed 150 characters, the recommended number of meta description characters.

  3.  Okay now, move on to your Title tag. (This is what people are going to see first. And remember, the Title tag is unique for each given web page. I try to get them to be about 50-70 characters in length to be compatible with the search engines. Any less will count against you, and too many will also look bad on your website.- Illustration: <title>website name-page name-keyword description</title>

  4.  Now create your description meta tag, using the same guidelines.- 155 characters and no more
       <meta name="description" content="your description 155 characters or less">

  5.​ Now you need to get a Favicon for each page of your website for your visitors bookmarking purposes and Google counts this towards your ranking points. Please refer to the Favicon section below.

  6.  Keep copies of each of these actions in your documents on your P.C. for future reference. Make sure you name the files accordingly for each page, plus whether or not something is a meta tag or the keywords. It's important to keep your description of each page also.

  7.  It's time to get your sitemap.  This is a unbelievably great free tool: Go here first to create your site map and submit it.  Follow the instructions and instantly ping your site to the four giants GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING, and ASK. (This is the very fastest method to getting your new website indexed.)

     You can also go to the places I have recommended.  It will only include the main pages on the front page of your site, so please go over the sitemap instructions carefully.

  8.  In conclusion try to do everything and every step to the best of your ability before submitting your website.

Submit URL: All right. Now we are ready to start submitting the website to the search engines.

     The first thing to know here is that there is a ton of search engines, and that not all traffic comes from Google. With that being said, submit to all you can find and resubmit after some time has gone by. Here's a few to get you started.  

             Google is your first. However, you will need a Google account. If you don't have one yet, create one.

     The next one is BING. You will also need an account for this search engine too, and their instructions are going to be real close in nature to Google's. But here's the jist of it: they are both going to give you a file. Take this file and download it to your documents. From there, you will need to upload them to the main directory of your website and publish them. After you publish the directory, you can go back and verify. It's that simple.  

     The next place you want to go is Alexa Why Alexa? Alexa's the main reporting sector in the internet world, or at least the one that counts the most here in the USA.  You can find this at Here you cannot only submit, but you can also take advantage of all their other cool services.  

      From here, you can go to ASR, located at  This is the place to submit every page of your site (each page has a unique URL), and they will help rank your site, plus they have backlinks for you.  

     Next, you should go to You will find this place very handy for several reasons, one being keywords. The other is their meta tag generator, which is free and very cool, I might add.  There's a great service that is worthy of your attention at It's loaded with great webmaster tools that are free.  You can submit, create, and monitor your website, and get meta tags through [We will talk about META TAGS, in a bit.]
      This is where the following banners and links will come in handy. I would not recommend them if they were not easy-to-use and very effective.  
       After submitting your website, make sure you get a confirmation. (Most of them will send you a confirmation e-mail with a link to confirm it with.)
Keywords:  Okay, now let's talk about keywords a little.  Before we go any further, please read this note on using the keyword generators: After you have entered your page URL and it has pulled the keywords from your specified page, now you will click on on one of the words it has extracted. This will generate the most popular phrases and words recently used in search engines across the planet, and it is these phrases and word combinations you will want to use. 

   This is where you want to pay close attention to detail, and a real neat program I ran across was , and a really great place is at

   Another great place to go is googles jumbo keyword:  It is a very robust program, but easy to use.  

   A third place to utilize and one that is very user friendly is at You will be amazed at the reports and detailed information they are going to send you:  Also try  Both of their detailed reports are going to show, and explain in detail, just what has to be corrected and why. They also offer a very affordable alternative plans of action in case you just don't have the time to attend to these corrections, so like I said, pay very close attention.

  All right. Let's talk a little more about the keywords.  Please know that each page has its own unique URL and its own unique combination of keywords. This is why it is so important to put each page URL into the search bar, and to generate the keywords for that page of your website at , or ,so give it a go.

  Also remember to submit each of the pages from your website. Make sure you do this at, and It's also very important that these actions are completed at and at

Sitemap:  Okay, lets talk about a SITEMAP. Do you know what that is or what it does? Let's explore this aspect of your new site just a moment or so. 

First:  This is extremely important, you will want to go to Here you will create the (FULL) sitemap and (PING) it to the four giants, google, bing, yahoo, and ask.  This is going to mainstream the indexing process.

  A good place to go is here, you will be able to create your sitemap, upload it to your documents, and then upload the new sitemap to the main file directory of your site.  Also, when creating the sitemap, pick the option "always" when it asks you how often you update your site. The reason behind this? A sitemap is an ongoing process between the place that made it and your site. In other words it is constantly being updated.  

Explanation:  Sitemaps are an easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling. In its simplest form, a Sitemap is an XML file that lists URLs for a site along with additional metadata about each URL, when it was last updated, how often it usually changes, and how important it is, relative to other URLs in the site, so that search engines can efficiently crawl your new website, so that indexing can take place.  

  The reason you need your new site indexed, if for no other reason than that Google and Bing, also Yahoo won't even look at your new website for inclusion, and you can't take part in google adsense, this link takes you right to the google adsense home page (, Which I told you earlier is vital to your (SEO) Adventure. Their are plenty of these free services out there, and this is a vital part of your (SEO) Adventure.

Meta Tags:  This is probably been the most confusing part for me.But that worry was left up to my friends at and, which I mentioned earlier. Now, these are places you want to keep at your finger tips, so make sure you bookmark them. 

  There is another place I like to use also, at  Along with other places, you can submit your new website here, too. Each meta tag has to have a unique title--name of the page--(i.e., Home or Products). OK, did you get that? Make sure to do that, or you're wasting your time.

Backlinks:  Utilizing backlinks might very well be your hardest job, without a doubt. One place I highly recommend you sign up with: They are the white hat provider of backlinks, and that is just one of a whole host of other services they provide. You are really going to like them. 

  Here's the exclusion: you have to call your website host or e-mail them and ask if they allow PHP files to be installed in your main directory.If they do, you are in like flynn; if they don't, you're just out of luck. I was out of luck when it came to them, but even though getting backlinks yourself is quite the operation, it can be done. And there is plenty out there on the internet about them. 

  With that being said, let me give you a heads up on buying backlinks: be very careful, as all the search engines are cracking down on the blackhat backlinkers out there, and it could get you suspended permanently, or at least for enough time that it would cripple you, or even worse, break you.

Conclusion.  This should be a good start for you, and a great place to send others who need the help. Now this is not the end of your SEO adventure, it's merely a starting place. If there are any details missing then please submit your findings here, and they will be made available to all who visit this page. 


You have a lot of decisions to make but here are a few great programs to list your new website with. Visibility is the key to getting higher rankings in the (ORGANIC RESULTS)

1. First, sign up here: Yahoo Local Listings. This is very easy, and they will help send you to the top.

2. Second, go here and sign up: Google Places for Business. It's super easy to do, and this will send you to the top.

3. Thirdly, sign up here: Bing Business Portal. It's a must for your adventure, and it's straight up now.

4. Close to last is AT&T Business Listings, it's a great place, and the yellowpages free listings are equally important.

Checkout the cool places for the extra's that make your bottom line happy

Favicon- To get a favorites icon is important,go to dynamic it's fast,simple and free,also go to

Well that should keep you busy. And just for your information, I update this page on a daily basis, so please visit as often as you wish.

Mobile phone's and your website-  Making your website MOBILE FRIENDLY is a must with today's ever growing technology craze and it is only going to grow and become even more important that you make the transition.  A really good place to go is here you find it very easy and free to put your website on every mobile phone in the world.

BLOGS - Blogs and having one of your own could be the difference between a little traffic and just a whole bunch of traffic and getting ranked with the search engines even become a little easier.  I have come across some very good information about blogs and where to get one and the training to monitor and the technology is fabulous.   A great place to go and a great place to get ahead right away is here you can get it all and it's free.  But wait just a second I was also lucky enough to come by some the most crucial piece of the puzzle and it has to do with after you create a blog and start posting at least 3 times a week or if your really good 1 time every day, yep that's 5 times a week, and there is one more thing you will want to do.  after you have posted your article you will want to go to and ping it to everyone so they have a heads up that it is there and ready to be indexed and crawled.

            Ok IT's Getting late but I have a lot more info to share with you, but it will have to
wait until tomorrow
Until Tomorrow
Be Good And Get Some Rest Cause We Have A Lot To Do 
5SOCIAL MEDIA--Social media is the fastest growing sector of (SEO),search engine optimization.
 you will want to sign up and connect the accounts together to maximize your adventure into the world of social media. Check out-- (, here you will find a wealth of information.

6. WHY ADD THE LITTLE BUTTONS-They click the like buttons and it creates a backlink on their side and it reflects on your new website. I will get into this further in a day or so, but look into, FACEBOOKTWITTER,STUMBLEUPON,LINKEDIN,you will thank your self later down the road.

7. Constant Contact-- This place is a really great way of starting your social marketing campaign, and they keep a record of your new contacts as leads for future social campaign's and any newsletters you send out. It's worth it's weight in gold, and free up to 100 
leads, after 101 it becomes $12.95 a month after you lock in your 50% savings for signing up. Now that is hard to beat.
    You can go to them at
FyberSearch - Find + Be Found
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Directory: The first thing is learning how to access the main directory of your website, as it is a requirement to place certain files within it and publish them for verification of ownership of a website. Google and BING require this, and it aids you in becoming a preferred SAFE SITE with Google. Also, it is needed if you want to use Google Adsense, Microsoft Adcenter, and the Yahoo search engines. 

Make Ready: make sure all is done before you create a sitemap & Submit , I recomend you follow these steps, but please be advised this is only my opinion.

Video for your website - One of the biggest hurdles for a new webmaster is not knowing what is going to get them out there and seen. The very next thing is going to be if they have the TIME, ENERGY AND KNOW HOW, okay here is probably one of the best keep secrets on the web today and I'M GOING TO SHARE. But you need to know that webmasters across the globe have keep this a guarded secret and if not for one person mentioning it I would have never known, but he did and the cats out of the bag now. - your portal to unlimited video made to your specifications, logo's of every sort and anything else you can imagine all for $5.00, yep just $5.00 bucks gets you anything you need to make your new website stand out.