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This is a working website with events and sign-up features.  At South Texas Trader we will give you the attention and personal service you've all come to expect and enjoy. Your privacy is our top concern. Your personal information is secure and will not be shared with anyone at any time as we do not collect your private information unlike most other online shopping sites. Our stores are well known and very reputable places of business, Cabela's & Circuit City to mention a couple. They have been around for quiet some time, and would not be on our website if we did not offer the highest quality customer service policies.We offer several online store's for your convenience, that have a wide variety of products, from personal products to sporting goods and everything in between. If you have a special request, please leave us a notification on the blog located below. This South Texas Trader has been huntin', fishin' and tradin' in Texas since 1965. Let us put our experience to work for you.
Welcome to the  South Texas Trader
100% of the revenue generated by South Texas Trader benefits a 501(c)3 organization, that serves people with disabilities. (AVO)-All Volunteer

​Online shopping is convenient,and the savings can be significant. Shop from the convenience of your home or the office,maybe even at 3AM in the morning. The possibilities are endless and you benefit on all counts. Our retailers have been in business for years and are among the top in the industry. Shopping online is without a doubt very easy and the choices are endless. The benefits include great savings through coupons, holiday sales and clearances, these are just the beginning. You save gas and travel time not to mention the enviroment. Going green has been a hot topic for sometime now and rightfully so and by shopping online you are making a conscious effort to be environmentally friendly. The selection of services and items are mind boggling anything from a pair of shoes to an entire wardrobe, or your next vacation complete with a rental car and the airline tickets, it's all here and at a discount to boot. Now the South Texas Trader has made it possible to shop and donate to a worthy cause without costing you a penny. You see when you purchase your goods and services here a portion of the sale is donated to the disabled community through the non profit organization "The Door In The Wall Inc." it's a very small percentage but it adds up. This organization has been serving people with disabilities since 1994. They depend 100% on community support. Our policy on your private information is our greatest concern, and it is our hope that you understand that we do not collect any private information without your prior consent. You are welcome to browse and shop free of hassle and not have to give out your information. We do not send out E-mails unless you request an update, which is at your discretion, but if you would like to participate in our program please just contact us, and we will get you the proper information by U.S. Mail,not the internet. We urge you to please make this your shopping destination of choice on the internet.
Thank you for taking the time to visit us, and please contact Ralph Kessler or Barbara Blair at (
or ( with any and all questions, if you wish you can also call 1-210-286-4585 or 1-210-254-2310, or E-mail us at or

"Although the world is full of suffering,

It is full also of the overcoming of it.

My optimism, then, does not rest

On the absence of evil, but on a glad belief

In the preponderance of good

And a willing effort always

To cooperate with the good

That it may Prevail "

                                                             Helen Keller

"People who work together will win,

whether it be against complex football defenses

or the problems of modern society."

                                                                Vince Lombardi

"The probability of life originating 

from accident is comparable to the probability

of the unabridged dictionary resulting from

an explosion in a print shop."

                                                                  Albert Einstein

Barbara Blair-(CEO)
The Door In The Wall (DITW) is always trying to add new programs to our calendar of events.  In an effort to generate funding , has created a referral shopping site where a percentage of your purchase price will come back to the disabled community.  We hope you will become one of our supporters and look around while you're here and visit us often so that we can continue to grow and provide new and better opportunities for people with disabilities.  All donations are tax deductible.  Thank you for investing in the future of others.
Barbara Blair
Founder / Ceo
The Door In The
Wall Inc.
Est. 1994
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Located at 767 Lookout Dr. Lakehills, Tx
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Shopping For A Cause 
Our shopping for a cause network includes some of america's oldest and most respected establishments. Sears and roebucks,here you can enjoy online shopping and variety.  Open your very own account online. Shop for Craftsmen Tools and Sears appliances.  Cabelas America's Largest outdoors retailer and distributor of fine outdoors clothing and hunting and fishing gear their wide selection and secure payment center make it a win win.  Enjoy name brand golfing gear and clubs and club sets with Hireko a name synonymous with quality and huge savings for the every day golfer or the pro.  Mantis everyone's dream equipment. Their award winning garden tillers and other great yard tools make this your gardening super center. Sears Application online, mantis along with hireko and Kmart spells out great savings and quality. So become one of our supporters of Shopping for a cause and help people with disabilities enjoy what was once not an option, and help them to take part in a great outdoors adventure and family event. 

Your Website Your SEO

Your Site And Seo

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People try hard to mystify the SEO process, it is not as hard as many would want you to believe. Despite all the techno terms that many in the field will throw at you: SERPs, SEM, PageRank, Keyword Density, Vertical Search, Algorithms... SEO is really simple to do if you understand some basic concepts and follow some easy steps. 

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